Solar System in Your Pocket (PowerPoint Directions)

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In working with teachers on solar system resources, the "Solar System in Your Pocket" activity is a wonderfully designed scale activity that requires few resources. It is as much a directions following activity as it is a representation of the relative distances of the planets in our solar system, so this PowerPoint presentation was designed to create a visual to accompany the written and oral directions. Coupled with the original design by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, students may become aware of the small scale applications of astronomical units and the comparisons of distances of the solar system's planets. Teachers may insert the curious mathematical table of the Bode's - Titus Law that predicts average orbital distances. It is important to discuss the misconceptions associated with models, this one included. For example, the idea that the planets are "lined up" as they appear in most graphics and that these distances do not vary.

Tags: titus-bodes law, models, astronomical units, orbits, au, planets, distances, scale, earth, solar system

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