“Planetary Play-Doh” Solar System Mass Comparison

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This is the pdf version of the written directions for the Solar System Mass Comparison activity that uses Play-Doh or any other dough like materials. The activity was originally submitted by science teacher Jacob Noel-Storr and has been adapted/modified several times since his original work. This version uses cylinder shapes to make the dividing of the dough into even sections more manageable for younger students.

Tags: earth, solar system, play-doh, planets, mass, scale models, jupiter, modeling

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Grade Level3 - 12
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Topics Earth Science
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Planetary Science
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{standards_math} “Planetary Play-Doh” Solar System Mass Comparison:

{standards_tech} “Planetary Play-Doh” Solar System Mass Comparison:

{standards_science} “Planetary Play-Doh” Solar System Mass Comparison: