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Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)

Lesson Plan in PDF (Grade Level: 6-9)

Uploaded: March 24, 2012

Activity begins on page 11. Objective: Through experimentation, students will learn how a Shape Memory Alloy reacts to heat in order to regain its shape. Activity Overview: By stretching the nitinol sample and then immersing it in hot water, students will see how the sample reacts. This can be repeated as many times as necessary with each student or group of students

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Material Comparisons

Lesson Plan in PDF (Grade Level: 4-9)

Uploaded: March 24, 2012

Activity begins on page 8 Objective: By calculating the samples’ densities, students will discover that a material’s density does not correspond to its strength. Activity Overview: In this activity, students will determine the mass, volume and density of two samples, spruce and carbon iber. Students should discover that although the carbon fiber is less dense, it is clearly a stronger material than the spruce wood.

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